Longspan Shelving

The Longspan Shelving picking system is the ideal solution for manually storing small to medium-sized non-palletised products.



The range of accessories and possible configurations allow the system to be modulated and tailored to any type of goods.
Although Longspan Shelving is a manually loaded system, it utilises the full height of the facility, with higher levels accessed using mechanical means (S/R cranes or order-picking trucks) or through walkways located inside the shelving system.

General Longspan Shelving applications:

  • Spare parts, automotive parts, paints, etc.
  • Industrial and hardware supplies
  • Merchandising
  • Chemists warehouse
  • Supermarkets, Cash & Carry
  • Distribution of electrical supplies

Advantages of the Longspan Shelving storage system:

  • Strong: It is the most robust picking system in the market, enabling mezzanines and multi-tiers to be dimensioned on the shelving system itself.
  • High load capacity picking system
  • Agile: Longspan Shelving is easy to assemble and to replace/add components.
  • Adaptable: Wide range of bays and shelf depths.
  • Direct access to all unit loads stored and visualisation of all products.
  • Easy adjustment of beam levels every 50 mm.
  • A variety of accessories to suit any storage needs: dividers, garment hanging rails, wire mesh shelves, and more.
  • To maximise both floor and height space, miniload and narrow aisle installations aided by order-picking machines can be implemented.


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