Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks have become one of the best effective storing solutions in the present day, thanks to its versatility and space saving usage.



Rudar Enterprises offers supreme quality cantilever racks that can promote labor efficiency, avoids injury while offering accuracy in stock taking enabling a better stock management system.
It is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber. Cantilever racking system facilitates the maximum use of vertical storage space. Rudar Enterprises offers customized racking solutions for its customers and hence the support arms of these racks can vary in number, capacity and depth depending on the type of load stored. Since the rows are open, it allows easy access and secures load support.
The system consists of columns with a vertical beam and one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability. A series of arms are attached on which the load is placed. These columns are made of hot-rolled metal beams at variable heights enabling to be fitted. Moreover, its design allows the loads to be fitted on one side of the structure only, or on both sides.
• Space saving
• Easy-to-assemble. The parts are designed to allow the shelves to be assembled quickly and easily.
• Structure of great simplicity and strength.
All the elements involved fit together easily and allow excellent mobility


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