Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double deep pallet racking systems increase the available storage space, by simply storing the pallets at two depths instead of one as with the adjustable pallet racking system.


The 2 pallets are accessed from the same aisle, reducing the number of aisles by half compared to the adjustable pallet racking system.

In short, double deep pallet racking increases warehouse storage density by reducing aisles and increasing storage locations.

As direct access is only available for front unit loads, this double deep system for managing LIFO (Last in, First out) stock is recommended for storing identical or high rotation products, with more than one pallet per reference.

Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking:

  • Increase in storage capacity compared to adjustable pallet racking.
  • Intermediate system between an adjustable pallet or selective racking system and a high-density compact system.
  • LIFO (Last in, First out) system, where the last pallet deposited on the racking will be the first one to leave.
  • More efficient system, which eliminates unnecessary aisles and increases the use of available space.
  • Double deep pallet racking systems adapt to any type of unit load.


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