Mobile Compactor Racks

Mobile compactors allows you to store more in less space while improving your company’s accessibility, organization, and ergonomics. If you want to shrink your storage footprint dramatically, then compactor is the right solution for you.


When you invest in mobile shelving, new or existing rolling high-capacity shelves are placed on mobile carriages attached to floor tracks. The moving shelves compact together, removing all but one or two access aisles, depending on your activity level. To access a specific aisle, turn the handle or push a button to move up to six aisles at once. It’s a fast, easy, and surprisingly simple solution that is quick to install

Benefits Of Mobile Compactors Racks

Here are all the ways mobile storage can improve the functionality of your business or institution:

  • Reduces storage floor space by half compared to static shelves
  • Allows you to relocate and modify shelving to fit your adapting needs
  • Creates extra space for revenue-driven activities
  • Allows you to bring items stored offsite back onsite
  • Stores anything from microchips to aircraft engines
  • Reduces energy operating costs to cool, heat, light, and maintain your space
  • Reduces or eliminates new storage construction and downtime associated with construction projects
  • Allows for centralized storage in one place to improve the flow of materials
  • Helps reduce shrinkage
  • Promotes organization, increasing employee morale and productivity

Comes in a selection of colors and finishes


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